Bucks Vs. Celtics Game 2

It is the second round of the NBA playoffs, and things are already starting to heat up. Especially in the Milwaukee vs. Boston series. In game 1 the Celtics really took over the game and completely trounced the Bucks. Winning by a score of 112-90. They completely shut down Giannis, as he tried multiple times […]

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Blog 10

For my story #4 I chose to do my story on how the NCAA is compensating players during the March Madness tournament, and what they NCAA is doing with all the money that they make during the tournament. I chose to do this because it has always interested me whether or not they should be […]

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Blog 9

When I went onto Newsy.com, I thought that it was very cool and innovative. I think that it is cool that they are a news website that relies on videos to show the news. I think that is very different from other websites that I have looked at. No other website that I have been […]

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Blog 8

When I was first doing this blog I had no idea what hyperlocal news was. I had never heard of it and never knew it was a thing. But after I got done reading a few articles I soon realized what it was, and it made a lot of sense. Hyperlocal news is news that […]

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Blog 7

I think that for my photojournalism blog, I will be writing about the time I went to a Milwaukee Bucks game court side, and explain the pictures that I took. I want to write about this, because people should know how much of a surreal experience it is to sit court side at a professional […]

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Blog 6

I plan on doing my next story on spring break in Tampa. I am choosing to do this because I would like to know what there is to do around Tampa during spring break. I usually don’t do much during spring break and I would like that to change. I know that the Florida State […]

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Blog 5

I don’t know what my story will be yet for story focus assignment #2. I think that it will be along the lines of spring break and the things that you are able to do around Tampa when spring break comes around. I wanted to research this because being from Wisconsin I don’t know what […]

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